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Conversations for Tomorrow #2

Our world today is fraught with unprecedented societal, economic, and environmental challenges. To find lasting, meaningful solutions, leading voices from business, academia, and government must come together to discuss the major strategic imperatives that are shaping the future of business and society. The Capgemini Research Institute’s quarterly review, “Conversations for Tomorrow,” is our endeavor to provide a forum for such an exchange.

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In our inaugural edition, we looked at sustainability. This time, we examine how the COVID-19 pandemic has transformed the business landscape, accelerating the digitalisation process and revolutionising the way that we work. We are looking at a hybrid future, where physical office spaces are hubs for employees to connect, collaborate, and innovate and remote work becomes the norm. In such a scenario it is crucial to safeguard employee well-being, diversity, and equality and to reduce youth unemployment. Technology will continue to reshape the employment landscape and upskilling is critical to building competitive advantage and organisational resilience.

This edition also features something we call “The CEO Corner.” This time, we spoke with our own Aiman Ezzat and with Shayne Elliott, CEO of ANZ, about how the pandemic has affected their companies’ strategies and priorities and how the hybrid model will impact client and employee relationships and sustainability initiatives.

This time of upheaval is above all a time of opportunity. As Aiman tells us, “we have a unique opportunity today to reimagine the way we do business, the way we work, and the way we live.” As we tackle this unprecedented opportunity together, we hope this new journal will contribute to reimagining the future of work.

Our thanks go to all the leaders and experts who contributed their thinking to this journal. By collaborating and sharing ideas, we can seize the opportunities offered by new ways of working, transforming organisational performance and engaging and motivating our people.

In the next edition of “Conversations for Tomorrow,” we will focus on intelligent industry. Until then, be well and don’t hesitate to get the future you want.